chad and i went to see radiohead last night at nissan pavilion.

and by see, i mean:

drive from ellicott city to rt 66 via the beltway in pouring rain and stop-and-go traffic,

take the wrong exit on 66 due to poor directions and dial-up navigation via phone,

stop at gas station #1 and get urged to follow stoned guy to the concert,

ditch him when he makes a seemingly suicidal almost-turn going the wrong way on the highway,

stop at gas station #2 and learn that we were going the right way before but just not far enough,

drive through flooded battlefields and worry about the car stopping in 6 inches of water,

finally see a sign for nissan and turn left to join a huge queue of cars,

inch along another few miles,

get directed into the farthest parking lot,

suit up in raincoats and boots to walk 10 minutes to the pavilion,

(did i mention it’s still pouring rain?)

find an empty almost overflowing portapotty but use it anyway,

enter the venue and climb massive stairs to the lawn area,


stand in the rain for an hour,

leave before the 2 (!) encores,

get back to the car and sort of dry off,

proceed to move 10 feet and stop,

try going the other way out of the parking lot,

stop again and then sit in the car for two and a half hours,

doze off while chad sleeps and people around us honk and wait,

finally begin to move and notice that all the other cars are somehow gone ahead of us,

maneuver thru the almost empty parking lot,

re-enter the one road that leads to the place,

inch along some more,

finally reach the highway,

and return to baltimore at 3:45 AM, unable to sleep.

total time elapsed- 10 hours. time spent in car- 8.5 hours. time spent seeing radiohead- 1 hour. maybe.

i will never go to nissan pavilion again. but i hear that we were the lucky ones- by coming that back way we avoided the detour that people from rt 66 were led on, which lasted 2 hours and ended up with most of the people being turned away without ever seeing the parking lots. there are some angry, sad radiohead fans today.

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