Sometime in the near future, I will be making the trek to Nebraska, to drive my geriatric artcar to Carhenge, where it will live out its days quietly rusting away. On a whim, I emailed and asked if they would be interested in it for their sculpture park. Meanwhile I had posted it on Craigslist, much to the amusement of Baltimore- who sent me messages like, LOL you’re funny, and insincerely offered ridiculous amounts of money. The re-registration deadline is also looming, so I was pretty close to scrapping it. But, Carhenge wants it, as long as I get it out there. (Nebraska is awfully far away. And Carhenge is on the *other* side of Nebraska.)

So, possibly next month, my mom and I will drive out there, fingers crossed that nothing breaks on the way (at least nothing essential to driving,) and park the car at its final home! If you see an artcar headed west, wave!

carhenge or bust

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