Here is a condensed version of my trip to Carhenge, in Alliance Nebraska. I wasn’t able to post more than a title from the ipod, and not all the places we stopped had internet, so I gave up.

We left Ellicott City around 3 on Wednesday, and made it to Zanesville Ohio- home of Longerberger Baskets, but we missed seeing the world’s largest  basket.

On the road…

Wrong Baltimore! This one  is in Ohio.

Dinner, day 2- after driving through the remnants of Hurricane Gustav (it rained the *entire* way through Illinois, and stopped just as soon as we got to Iowa) we stopped at the World’s Largest Truck Stop, it being the only thing around with food. I would not recommend the food much, unless you really like quantity over quality. We continued onto Des Moines, and a hotel with a hot tub.

Day 3, we enter Nebraska. My aunt Kathy drove out from Sioux City, Iowa, to meet us, and we drove to Alliance. Nebraska is very long. And there’s not a lot to look at. But, once we turned off I-80, we went into the Sandhills (good for growing only cows), and at least had some hills to look at.

(This was most of Nebraska.)

We made it to Alliance around 8pm, and went to sleep almost right away. Driving is exhausting.

The next morning, we asked about a hardware store (I needed to get some paint to sign my name with), and were directed to the only one in town. In the parking lot, we talked to a little old lady, who turned out to own the hardware store. I think she was 84. She was very nice, and gave me a small can of yellow paint and a brush for free! So, we headed out, failing to follow her directions to Carhenge, and promptly got lost. Came back into the town, and saw a big sign- Carhenge this way! So we made it.

I signed it, cleaned some of the bugs off the front, and then took a look around. There were a fair amount of people coming to look, and they were interested in my car too. So, the original plan was to park the car on the hill next to the other car sculptures, and put sheet metal over the windows to keep the highschoolers from breaking the windows. I did a little interview, and handed over the keys.

Our trip was 1738 miles, and we got there almost on empty.

Bye, car! Rust in peace…

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One Response to Condensed Carhenge Trip

  1. Ali Dryer says:

    I’m a big fan of Carhenge! I went there many years ago (over 10) on the way to my sister’s wedding in CO. I loved driving through the sandhills and I remember Carhenge itself being very buggy. I was there with a (now) ex-boyfriend who made a replica out of matchbox cars for my next birthday. I’ll have to show it to you if you’re ever over here again! Nice work with the donation, too.

    See you soon!

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