Disturbing- the CPSIA has passed mandates about lead testing in toys and children’s clothing. While this is a good thing to make sure that imported products from other countries (China, etc) are safe, it will have a huge negative impact on goods made in the US by small businesses and craftspeople. These new laws will require *every single item* to be tested by a third party lab (which could cost up to $4000 each) in order to be certified lead-free and safe.

So, say goodbye to the tables of cute handsewn monsters, the screenprinted tees, the recycled children’s clothing. All of the people who work so hard to make cute and sustainable things for you and your kids will probably be forced out of business, unless they choose to sell illegally. The mandates make sense for products manufactured elsewhere, since we don’t have control over them. But items made in the US have never been the problem lead-infested toys- and are generally of a higher quality anyway!

Please visit www.handmadetoyalliance.org to find out more, sign a petition, and find links to contact your representatives. I’ve just emailed Elijah Cummings, Ben Cardin and Barbara Mikulski about this issue, and urge everyone to do the same. Otherwise the craft shows are going to be barren next year, and the handmade movement will grind to a halt just as it’s getting started.

Save the Cotton Monsters, Save the Sweet Pepitas! Save Handmade Toys!

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