This past week, I assisted at a workshop headed by Mo Lebowitz- revered graphic designer and letterpress printer. Perhaps you remember him, singing with his wife Loretta:

CitiBank Commercial

Mo’s slide lecture was in between bluegrass sessions: Mo plays mandolin, and Loretta plays the autoharp. They were accompanied by some local musicians for the lecture. Having them at the workshop was a pleasure, and quite entertaining with all the stories.

The workshop was attended by students from Towson University and Stevenson University, and we had a great time. All the students were really interested and motivated- we printed business cards from polymer plates, and each student learned how to set type by creating a haiku. The haiku were laid out in one big poster, and printed in two colors- Mo set some type for the first time in a while, and came up with the title.

(kachunk kachunk kachunk kachunk)


Thanks to Mike Moore’s facebook for the photos 🙂


2 Responses to A Recent Workshop

  1. rachel says:

    val this sounds AWESOME! i’m so jealous!!!

  2. […] Val Lucas’ blog post (with video of Mo and Loretta singing and playing music) […]

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