Doesn’t that look tasty?

I meant to post this earlier, but better late than never. A few months ago I designed a chocolate for Artisan Confections,  in Arlington VA. It’s ready to eat now, and I can’t wait to taste it. All of their chocolate varieties sound yummy- I wish I could have made it down to the shop before winter got dumped on my head, but with the roads I’ll have to postpone my trip.


(check out that first chocolate too- by fellow CCCM member Rachel Bone!)

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4 Responses to Chocolate, Bowerbox style

  1. That is loverly! You should get one of those glass dome things and put it on a pedestal.

    Or build a tiny little shelf high up on the wall for it!

  2. Angela G says:

    The coffee hazelnut ones you gave me were amazing! I ate the whole box that night. I normally don’t like coffee flavor but these were heavenly. I am trying to figure out a way down there to get more!

  3. admin says:

    they ship!

  4. Chad C says:

    Oh so yummy
    In my tummy

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