Bowerbox Press is proud to announce the arrival of a new press- this little guy!


Purchased from the studio of Nancy Reinke in Alexandria, this press came to its new home in the middle of January. At only 345 pounds, it was a much easier move than the Colt’s (1800 lbs, 2 strong, experienced riggers, and a huge truck.) We took the flywheel off and removed the press from its stand for easy transport in the family’s minivan.

After a quick cleaning and repainting, it’s ready to go in its new home- hello, living-room-studio!


As far as we can tell, it’s a “United States Press”, manufactured in New York after 1887 by Joseph Watson. His company was purchased by the Kelsey company a little later, which may explain why the treadle looks just like the treadle on Kelsey’s floor model presses (seen at  A couple of non-original chases came with it, included the spider chase seen above- great for doing small areas of type!

If anyone has more info about this press, please email me! val (at) bowerbox (dot) com


2 Responses to Press Update

  1. Maggie says:

    Exciting – and what a beautiful piece of machinery!

  2. What a dandy little press–perfect size, and it seems to have all its parts! Your work is gorgeous, too (love dem owls). As a letterpress beginner, I am inspired!

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