I found a post about 3 books by Leonard Baskin coming to market at a rare book fair- the “super-limited” numbers in the edition. So, perhaps, out of 20 books total produced, numbers 1-4 would have an extra couple of prints, and an actual plate from the edition- a copperplate, or a woodblock. As one of my ideas had been to sell the blocks themselves, this is an interesting concept- and maybe, when I’m done my alphabet birds, there will be some super-limited offerings of the book with one of the original blocks included.

Image from Lux Mentis

If you’re lucky enough to be going to The New York Antiquarian Book Fair, you should check it out at Lux Mentis’s booth.


One Response to “Super-Limiteds”

  1. Ian Kahn says:

    Thanks for this post. It is an interesting idea…gilding an already exceptional lily.

    Let me know if/when you proceed…I’m always looking for exceptional work.

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