After the inspiring Ladies of Letterpress conference last weekend, I finally got some time in the shop. There are a lot of projects ongoing, including the C&P, the foil stamper, reorganizing type in cases and cabinets, and of course working on new prints.

This weekend, the C&P finally came back to life! I finally ground down the treadle hook enough for it to make good contact with the crankshaft and everything runs very smoothly. I locked up 4 large sorts in the corners of the chase (72-point ff ligatures in Garamond Bold, as it happens- with the ends of the final f broken off) and the platen seems to be level, so no adjusting needed yet. New rollers and trucks from NA Graphics, and a nice red ink for the first test- everything works! It’s great to have a good result after so much work.

The moment of truth for the C&P- first inking

Of course, the roller gauge was left hanging on the other press in Baltimore, so there are some slight adjustments that need to be made, but for a first run it’s pretty good. Check back for a look at the first printed piece, and for the rest of the weekend’s progress: a table for the foil stamper built out of a re-purposed bar top.

All inked up and ready to go



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