So… last weekend was the first time I was able to set up the C&P and make some prints. I chose to use some big wood type, just for fun, and see how big of an area I could get to print well (the impression strength on the C&P is much less than what I’m used to with the Colt’s, which I use to print large woodcuts most of the time.) I wasn’t after a deep impression but an overall even impression. Treadling this press took some getting used to, as I have only used the smaller United States Press with the treadle and it takes much less effort to get going; once the press is running, though, keeping it going doesn’t take too much effort. I inked each print twice, and was pleased with the results!

First print, wood type and lead type in 2 colors.

The rollers need some slight adjusting; the rails are most likely worn a bit as the smaller type was getting a little too much ink. I’ll have to remember to bring the roller setting gauge next time I’m working on this press.

I hope to be able to use the C&P as my main “commercial work” press, for wedding invitations and stationery. Then I can concentrate on fixing the rollers on the Colt’s and use it more for printing my big woodcuts and images. Each press has its strengths and weaknesses, and by figuring out what those are I should be able to print more efficiently and take better care of these old machines.


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