I feel like I have done more work in my shop in the last few weeks than in the past year. I’ve been slowly fixing up the C&P over the last year, but many other projects were put to the side- the 2/3 cabinet, the foil stamper, organizing  and thinning out my type collection. It’s been harder for me to get to the shop for a full day of work, so only little bits and pieces have been accomplished.

However, this weekend I had a second very productive shop visit. Last weekend my dad and I built a table for the foil stamper, and I finished painting and polishing the stamper itself. This weekend, it was time to move it… I rearranged some furniture and made a spot for the new table (since it’s  not moving once the stamper’s on there.) We puzzled over how to move Heavy Thing 1 from Point A (on the floor) to Point B (32″ off the floor.) Heavy Thing 1, even when disassembled, still had to weigh close to 250 pounds.


The answer? Physics! We used the old ramp my dad had in the garage (which I’ve used to move guillotines and small presses before), built up a platform of cinderblocks to raise the end of the ramp to the right height, and slid the stamper over to the ramp on some slick masonite boards. Once in front of the ramp, we carefully laid the stamper on its side, and while my dad pushed it up the ramp I pulled and kept it going straight up the middle.


Once we had it on the table we made sure it was centered and carefully stood it upright again. No one had to lift anything, and no one was injured. There is no way that we could have just lifted the stamper up on to the table without several more people, and even then we would have had a bigger risk of dropping it. By using the ramp, we could control the movements of the stamper and move it at a slow, safe pace.

The stamper was then bolted to the table, and re-assembled. Plugged in, it started heating up (after we checked and re-did the wiring for safety), so the day was a success!

If anyone knows what type of stamper this is (seen it in the Inland Printer from ages ago, perhaps?) please let me know. It has no marks on it anywhere.


Also accomplished: sanding and staining the 2/3 cabinet, so I can start putting the finished cases back into it, and general shop cleanup. There’s still a lot of work to do but it’s getting there, slowly.


2 Responses to Moving a Heavy Thing

  1. Maggie says:

    Unfortunately, I have no idea what kind of stamper that is, but it looks like an amazing piece of machinery and is definitely more beautiful than all the stampers I’ve seen before! Your shop’s looking great!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Maggie! One’s shop never seems to be finished, even after the heavy things are in place!

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