The barn (future printshop) was full of spiders and stinkbugs when we moved in. After some help from fabulous Charm City Craft Mafia intern Susie, it looked clean enough to move some presses in for storage. Finally, 3 months later, we moved all the equipment to one side and evicted all the spiders that moved back in after that first sweeping.

Swept barnThe barn’s in pretty good structural shape, we think, it just need finishing. It’s already wired for electricity (not that most of our presses use it!) and has lots of windows for natural light.

First step after cleaning- seal the floor. Hopefully this will help keep some moisture out, or at least keep the concrete sealed. Halfway done so far- this is going to be a “push everything to one side, finish the first half, then push everything over to the first side and finish the second half” type of job, as all of the presses and equipment are awfully cumbersome to move out the door again.


rollin', rollin', rollin'

For the floor, I’ve decided on “rustic” grade oak- unfinished with possible knots and imperfections. I figure it will look nice while being a good solid and lasting surface for the shop. First we have to put down a layer of plastic for moisture control and plywood sheets to nail the wood planks on. So many steps but it feels good to be started!


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