This weekend saw lots of progress on the barn, despite a nasty wasp sting to my ankle.

The old wiring, which actually looked pretty recent, was the wrong type of wire so we took it all out and replaced with up-to-code wiring and outlets that will be accessible from above a type cabinet (very important!) This barn is not standard in any way, and all the gaps between studs on the walls and the ceiling are different widths- luckily I found some insulation batts that are perforated for filling odd sized spaces. Putting the insulation on the walls is pretty easy, the ceiling was much more annoying (and sweaty- it’s pretty hot inside the barn with the power off.) But, we’ve got enough up that we can start installing drywall next weekend, and finish wiring the new outlets.

Insulation going up in the barn

I also took apart one of the windows- previously nailed in place and painted shut- so we can install a sliding track and open the window for some ventilation, or a window unit for air conditioning.

Small steps, but it’s getting there!



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