Slowly but surely the shop is coming together. A few of the windows were either fixed to be openable, or sealed shut with caulk, and framed with decorative moulding. Plus, half of the floor is down. Due to the poor quality of the concrete (one corner is filled with leveling compound that scrapes off like dried mud, and the rest is still uneven) our best option was to put down underlayment plywood. It’s almost starting to look like a real room in there.

Step 1: Sand. (and sand, and sand, and sand, for hours.)



Step 2: Pre-stain conditioner.


Step 3: Stain:


Step 3.5: Take a break to make some pickles.

Step 4: First coat of satin polyurethane. Looks great, and should be sturdy enough for the equipment, yet not too precious to worry about getting scratched up.




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