New Type, Cast at Sycamore Press & Typefoundry


Newly designed and cast metal type! Val designed and engraved new brass matrices for these new designs, and cast the type with the help of Jim Walczak at Sycamore Press & Typefoundry.
Folium Undulatum border: 18pt leafy border, with 2 corner pieces.
Amanita border: 18pt mushroom border with corner pieces. (in progress)
Snowflake set: 18, 24, and 36 point snowflakes. (SOLD OUT)

Cast on Jim's Monotype Sorts Caster and Thompson caster. Packaged in labeled boxes. Each set comes with a 2-color printed specimen and an explanatory zine.

Please choose the shipping option based on the number of sets you are ordering- 2 sets fit in a small flat rate box, and up to 4 in a medium flat rate box.

Limited quantities. Interested in more? Let us know!