Orders placed 5/31 to 6/8 will ship after 6/9. We're away at the type foundry making new stuff!

New Type, Cast at Sycamore Press & Typefoundry

$55.00 - $60.00

Newly designed and cast metal type! Val designed and engraved new brass matrices for these new designs, and cast the type with the help of Jim Walczak at Sycamore Press & Typefoundry.

Amanita Mushroom border: 18pt border with corners
Snowflakes No. 2: 14, 18, & 24pt snowflakes, 2 designs in 14 and 18pt.
Folium Undulatum border: 18pt leafy border, with 2 corner pieces.
Frond Deco (see other listing)
Folium Tesselatum: 18pt quad border

Cast on Jim's Monotype Sorts Caster. Packaged in labeled boxes. Each set comes with a printed specimen and an explanatory zine.

Please choose the shipping option based on the number of sets you are ordering- 2 sets fit in a small flat rate box, and up to 4 in a medium flat rate box.

Limited quantities. Interested in more? Let us know!